Some organisations just seem to have the Midas touch. 

Customers love what they offer, and their employees love winning business and serving customers. 

This doesn’t happen by accident. It takes focus, commitment and above all, mojo.

Robyn works with leaders of service organisations to grow and retain business that is won through formal submissions, competitive bids and tenders. Her clients have won and retained business worth hundreds of millions of dollars with many of Australia’s largest corporate and government buyers. 


— Shrdlu

Customers often see only the very transactional parts of what service businesses do. To win more business, you need help to review and refresh what you offer – and to produce brilliant, business-winning proposals.

All large deals go to tender these days, and there’s nothing suppliers can do about it.  But the “bid sweatshops” many have set up to bid for business is actually killing the creativity, energy and enthusiasm that are crucial to their success. 

When you already have the business, you face a new form of competition – with yourself.  To win again, incumbents need help to look beyond day-to-day contract delivery, and to think clearly and strategically about building a shared future with important customers. 


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