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Value Labs Program: Positioning for New Business Success


Winning new business is tough and competitive. On the one hand, you might have a lot of great ideas, and many new customers you’d like to pursue, but struggle to find the right way to pitch to them. As a result, opportunities are passing you by, and you’re losing ground to competitors. On the other hand, if you’re in a mature business, sales for your existing products and services might be declining. The offering is getting stale and outdated, and is in desperate need of a new lease on life.

The Value Labs program will help you to design (or redesign) an offer that is so commercially valuable, your target customers would be crazy not to buy it. Win work at higher profit margins, get deals across the line, and build value that helps you avoid discounting and dropping price. Re-set your mindset, harness the energy of the smart people in your business, win the work you want and build a legacy you can be proud of.

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Build A Killer Pitch: 

Half-day workshop for business owners

Do you run a business? Want to win more work?

Then the Build a Killer Pitch program is ideal for you. This half-day workshop will help you to make the connection between what you know and can do, and what makes commercial sense for your customers to buy.

Stop losing work to less qualified competitors, speed up your sales cycle, charge what you’re worth and get to do the work you want to do!

"For everyone who needs a boost in sales, (and who doesn't), Robyn's Value program is excellent. She took me back to the basis of my offer and, in an instant, helped me create crisp and powerful value propositions. Since our first meeting, my sales doubled." Kath Walters, Communications Consultant

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