Training Programs

Do your teams need the skills and confidence to win new business, to write winning tenders and proposals, to lead contract renewals and win more work with the customers you already have, or to communicate more effectively at work? Then you have come to the right place.

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Robyn’s ability to create and develop workshops that hit-the-mark is astonishing.
— Henry La Motta, Tendering for Success National Manager,

Master Class in Writing Winning Tenders and Proposals

Full-day workshop, half-day workshop or live webinar series

Do your people need to write proposals to win work? This value-packed, fast-paced program will give them the skills, frameworks and confidence to develop compelling, customer-focused proposals that win more business, more often – and spend less time doing it.

This program is ideal for people at all levels who need to write and lead tender responses, submissions or proposals to win work. This includes technical professionals, salespeople, marketers, estimators, specialist bid writers, proposal coordinators and proposal production staff.

Bid Leadership

Half-day workshop

Leading successful bids is a strategic, commercial and people game. Strategically, bid leaders need the skills and frameworks to position against competitors and develop a compelling strategy to win. Commercially, leaders must achieve a good outcome for your business, and manage the expectations of consortium partners and subcontractors. To get the best out of their team, bid leaders also need to know what ‘good’ looks like, and be able to coach and inspire contributors to give discretionary effort to submissions that often come on top of their day job.

This program is designed for technical professionals, team leaders, middle managers and senior leaders who need to lead bids to win work.

Building Customer Value Propositions

Half-day workshop

Winning new business is a case of ready-aim-fire. But most of us spend way too much time in the ‘aim and fire’ part (targeting customers and firing off pitches and proposals) without really making the connection between what we know and do, and what makes commercial sense for the customer to buy. As a result, too many new business pursuits are delayed, stall, or are lost to no decision.

This program is ideal for customer-facing staff who are responsible for positioning your business to win new business, including technical professionals, account managers and salespeople.

Contract Leadership for operational leaders

Full-day workshop or half-day workshop

It’s expensive to win new business, so existing customers are more important than ever. But keeping them is a real challenge when customers are looking for the next big thing, competitors are hungry for the business, and your operational staff are trapped in managing day-to-day delivery.

This program is designed to give your operational and customer-facing people the framework, skills, and confidence to create value, lead contract renewals and grow business with your existing customers.

Contract Leadership for NGOs

Full-day workshop or half-day workshop

Non-Government Organisations (NGOs) face particular challenges in retaining government funding.

This program is designed to give NGO frontline leaders and program managers the framework, skills, and confidence to create value, lead program and contract renewals, and grow government-funded business for your organisation.

Win More Work With Existing Customers

Full-day workshop

Doing great work and having great relationships with customers is important, but it isn’t enough to win more work. The market is competitive, and others want the business too. Customers are demanding, and they always have a choice. How do you build on your great work and great relationships to fill your pipeline, and win the contracts and projects you deserve to win?

This program is designed for professionals in project-based industries who are responsible for project delivery, customer relationships and winning ongoing work.

Persuasive Writing

Half-day workshop or live webinar series

The ability to influence others is an important business skill. Yet most of us are taught to write descriptively, not persuasively. This leads to documents that are long, dry and boring, and that don’t hit the mark with your audience. In this fast-paced persuasive writing program, you will learn how to write persuasive documents that achieve the outcomes you are looking for.

This program is ideal for anyone whose role requires regular written communication, including writing emails, reports, business cases, or contributing content to proposals.  

Internal Influence For Teams and Managers

Half-day workshop

What is the true value of the work you do? Do your internal customers and stakeholders really understand the value that you or your team delivers? This workshop will help you see your work in an entirely new way: from the perspective of how it creates commercial value. This is the proven framework that companies use to sell themselves into multi-million dollar contracts and projects – and it works for internal influence too.

This program is designed for teams or managers who work with internal customers and stakeholders, and who need to develop the personal and interpersonal skills to have effective conversations that achieve buy-in to their initiatives and projects.