How to Retain Your Most Important Contracts and Customers

1 day workshop*


August 6, 2015

$695 p/p


* Also available as an in-house workshop for your team - to find out more, contact Robyn.

What's it all about?

If your biggest customer put their business up for competition tomorrow, would you be ready? What story would you tell?  How effective would that be in helping you to win again?

It’s difficult to win new business, so our existing customers are incredibly important.

And as their incumbent supplier, everything we do for them is on show, every day.

Because of this, most of us are so busy just delivering on customers’ current needs that any strategic thinking about how we could be more effective for them tends to take second place to urgent daily work.

But even when you’re doing a good job, and you have good relationships with the customer, this often isn’t enough to win again. 

Major customers expect a lot from their existing suppliers – a lot more than we think. Competitors are approaching your customers all the time with new ideas. When you win through a competitive tender, you’ll probably need to bid again to retain the work. This creates a lot of stress and pressure.

Add to this the fact that only 50% of incumbents end up retaining the customers they have worked so hard to win and serve, and it’s clear that a different approach is needed.

·      If good relationships and good work aren’t enough, what more do you need to do?

·      How do you identify the strategy that will help you to keep the business?

·      How do you get your business and your team engaged and excited about it?

·      How will you know you’re doing everything in your power to win again?

If you are part-way through a contract term with a big customer, or have an important contract coming up for renewal, rollover or re-tender in the next 12 months, this workshop is ideal for you.

It is designed for anyone who is responsible for retaining and growing long-term customer relationships and accounts, including business owners, senior managers, account managers, sales managers, contract leaders, customer service leaders, and professional services providers. 

This one-day workshop will give you the tools and techniques to develop a Ready to Re-compete plan for your most important contract or customer.

       Discover the assumptions that may be holding you back from winning again

       Explore what customers REALLY expect from long-term business relationships and how to develop true customer partnerships in an era of rapid change

       Identify the three advantages available to incumbents – and learn how to use them

       Plug into your customer’s challenges and opportunities to help them build their future

       Identify business-winning ideas that will position your organisation as the clear winner when you need to compete again

       Learn how to Rev Up Your Reporting and use your performance reports as a marketing tool

What's in the workshop?


       Practical, specific ideas to build a Ready to Re-compete strategy for your most important contract or customer

       A set of re-useable tools to Rev Up Your Reporting

       A copy of Robyn’s book, Winning Again – a Retention Game Plan for Your Most Important Contracts and Customers

About the facilitator

Business development advisor Robyn Haydon, author of Winning Again, works with suppliers to win and retain multi-million dollar contracts through bids and tenders. She is in constant contact with the procurement system, sees the outcome of buying decisions every day, and has gained many insights into what keeps customers buying – and what will make them go elsewhere.

What past participants have to say:

·      “Really insightful view of the realities in the re-tendering process”.

·      “Lots of practical tips and tools.”

·      “A methodology and process that covers the key important points to contract retention and customer development”.

·      “Great tools and templates I can use with (and on!) my team.”

“I first met Robyn at a conference where she was giving a presentation on unique ways of re-bidding for business.  I immediately knew we needed to engage her skills in an upcoming multi-million dollar tender that would be the make or break for our company. I am so glad we did!  Robyn and I worked one on one in the months prior to the release of the request for tender. During this time she was invaluable to the process of positioning the company to re-compete for business. I can honestly say I learnt more from Robyn during this time than in the whole time I have spent undertaking my MBA. When it came to tender time Robyn was an inspiration to our whole tender team, she challenged our thoughts, pushed us to do our best and most importantly gave us the tools to create the best possible response we could deliver.  I can’t thank or recommend her enough.”  Julie Beckers – General Manager MAS National