Master Class:
Writing Winning Tenders & Proposals

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“A quick way to learn a great deal about proposal writing…excellent value…highly recommended.” Australian Marketing Institute

"Strategies, tactics, how-to’s and tips that any business can use.” Herald Sun

“Straightforward and easy to read, this book is applicable worldwide for companies bidding in open business-to-business environments.” Association of Proposal Management Professionals (USA)


What's it all about?

If you’re a specialist tender writer, proposal coordinator or submissions project manager; you probably love helping your business to win new business.

But the job can be stressful, thankless and lonely. Expectations are high and time is always short. You are under a lot of pressure to get results and there isn’t much professional development and training.

If proposals aren’t your main role, the issues are a bit different:

  • In a consulting or professional services role, chances are you’d much rather be doing the work than writing proposals to win the work.

  • If you’re a salesperson or marketer, proposals are just part of the work you need to do – and they may not be something you are 100% comfortable with.

The Master Class in Writing Winning Tenders and Proposals will build your proposal productivity and boost your results. It will also help you to outsmart the competitive tender system, where most of us spend too much time responding to the buyer’s agenda, instead of using our expertise to help them make a better and more informed choice.

Who should attend?

This program is ideal for anyone who needs to write tender responses, submissions or proposals to win work, including:

  • Professional services providers (including project managers, engineers, architects, ecologists, market researchers, accountants, and lawyers)

  • Business owners

  • Salespeople

  • Marketers

  • Estimators

  • Specialist bid and tender writers, proposal coordinators and submission project managers

Writing tenders, proposals and submissions often feels like being in a dark tunnel with a tiny flashlight that only lets you see three feet in front of you. Customers don’t give you good feedback, or even any feedback, and it can be difficult to work out what you’re doing wrong and what to change.

In this workshop, you will learn how to write compelling proposals that win business.

  • Increase your win rates and learn how to get higher evaluation scores

  • Differentiate your proposals to win work at better margins

  • Boost your productivity by investing your time where will help you win

  • Get valuable tools and templates that refresh your submissions process and save you time and work

  • Learn from an experienced mentor to accelerate your success

  • Join a small group of peers to share challenges and ideas

What's in the workshop?

What others say

“Just excellent. The first training session that I have literally put into practice the next day. The real examples and frameworks make it so easy to see how this is applicable… there were so many a-ha moments!” Ben Quick, Colmar Brunton Research

“This course was by far the most valuable training exercise I have done since becoming a consultant 8 years ago. I think it should be a prerequisite for all entering or working in the consulting industry and I cannot recommend it highly enough.” Pam Beattie, RMCG Environmental & Agricultural Consultants

“I now have the core skills to drive major changes to our proposals. Well worth the time.” Matthew Oliver, Marshall Aerospace

“The bid strategy and Purchaser Value Topic tool is clear, concise and useful. The program helped me extract valuable purchaser topics focusing on customer benefits and helps me keep on point to ensure submissions speak directly to the client’s hot spots.”  Shona Baxter, Jones Lang La Salle

“I have experienced many wins since starting the program and my bid writing style has changed markedly. I now have more confidence to focus on aspects outside of price.”  Anthony Emmerson, Taylors Development Solutions

“Perfect…Brilliant!” Matt Ryan, Stellar Group

“10 out of 10! Very well planned with a great flow.” Dillon Damon, Shred-X