To serve or to deserve?

“We’ve worked hard. We really deserve to win this tender.”

“Competitor A got the last job, and Competitor B got the one before that. It’s our turn now.”

“Our qualifications and experience speak for themselves.”

“Our firm has a good reputation. Business should just come to us.”

“We took a hit on that last project. Customer X really owes us one.”

If you've heard these statements before - or maybe even said one or two yourself – you’re in good company. We all feel these things from time to time.

There’s no doubt that the grind of selling can get exasperating. This in turn can muddy our intention to serve, and also get in the way of learning when things don’t go the way we hoped they would. 

Also, our interpretation of what it means to “deserve” has changed a lot over the years.

Originally, the word “deserve” meant "to serve zealously". Today, it usually means that we think we are entitled to something.

Thinking of “deserving” by its original meaning, to serve zealously, is part of the mindset that helps us to making more successful connections and more sales.

Selling is really just “helping”. That’s why we call it service.