The top 7 of 2017

As we close out a huge year, and our thoughts turn to Christmas, here is a round-up of my most popular articles from 2017.

As regular subscribers and followers will know, I help people to solve three different kinds of business development problems; how to position for new business, winning tenders and proposals, and customer retention and growth.

However, this year’s top 7 shows that 2017 has definitely been the ‘year of the proposal’.

Proposals are never, ever, going away, and it seems we are all keen to find better ways of managing them – as well as winning them.

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Stay safe and happy, enjoy a well-earned break, and I hope that 2018 brings you the success you dream of, and deserve.

#1 - Why is employee engagement such a big deal for proposals?

Proposals rely on people. And not just ‘proposal people’. This article provides a framework for understanding your team’s personal, structural and cultural motivation to work on proposals, and how to deal with any deficiencies.

#2 – Where should I invest my time to win a tender?

In a competitive tender, submission or proposal, the difference between winning and losing often comes down to where you spend your energy and your time.

#3 - Don’t worry, be happy

When the volume of competitive tenders is less of a trickle and more of a tsunami, the stress and pressure can get overwhelming. Here are three tips to manage your energy, and get through peak workloads with your life and sense of humour intact.

#4 – Keeping your submission in line, and on time

This practical article contains a four-week schedule that will give you the time to think, and to plan your proposal, even when you are stretched with other priorities.

#5 - Five myths that will stop you winning the work you want

I’ve been a bid consultant since 2001. Since then, I’ve heard loads of trash-talk about competitive tenders – most of them from people who have never worked on one and/or never, ever won one.

#6 - Writing to inspire confidence

Have you ever lost a bid you deserved to win? Seen a contract go to a less qualified competitor? Discovered that the client had reservations about your ability to do the job? You may have fallen victim of a lack of confidence.

#7 - The toughest thing about proposals 

Pitches and proposals are some of the most difficult work that any of us will do. This article explains why, and offers three suggestions for managing the uncertainty before the outcome.