Spitball April podcast: The Changing Face of Consumption

How much have consumers and their patterns of consumption changed, really? In the April Spitball podcast - hosted by Bri Williams – Bri, Hamish and I talk about what has and hasn’t changed in the context of today’s battle to win the sale. Here’s a summary of our major topics:

  • Information backwash - Unfettered access to information about products and services has shifted the relationship between consumers and businesses. But has the availability of information lead to a better informed market, or one that is more confused than ever? Is it now more difficult to make and live with purchase decisions, and how can businesses help?
  • Relationship with money - Cold hard cash is on the outer as mobile banking and digital wallets continue to rise. How has this impacted the concept of money and how consumers spend?
  • Authentically fake - At one end of the spectrum, we live in a disposable world of cheap cars, ready-made meals and here-today gone-tomorrow apps. At the other, there’s a counter culture move towards ‘authenticity’, artisanship, product re-use and permanence. Do businesses have to pick one camp or the other, or is there magic to be made somewhere in between?

Listen to the conversation at: