Creativity Creates Opportunity!

While it's great to have an efficient and effective business that is meeting all the obligations you have today, grasping opportunities requires new thinking. It also means bringing new ideas to your customers all the time — and not just at tender time!

You know the feeling. Business is running along pretty smoothly. You're pretty much on top of your work load. Customers are happy. All’s right with the world.

But the next day, something disturbing happens. A juicy tender comes out that should have your name all over it, but it’s asking for something completely unexpected. You go to a routine meeting with a customer, and they pepper you with questions about a competitor. You meet up with an ideal prospect, and they raise a problem that you haven’t even thought about yet.

The opposite of reaction is not “proaction” — it’s creation. Actor Ray Liotta once said “As soon as I started producing my own stuff, I started getting other roles.” Action generates energy, and energy makes stuff happen.

Lately I have been talking to senior procurement leaders as part of a project I’m working on. All express frustration that their existing suppliers don’t bring them new ideas nearly often enough — in other words, there is just not enough value creation.

The more ideas you create that are of value to customers, the better your business development results will be. What are you creating right now?